Zbog pojave koronavirusa na teniskom turniru Adria Tour Zadar na Športskom centru Višnjik i odgode posljednjeg dana natjecanja, organizatori 1. Inline hokej turnira donijeli su odluku o otkazu turnira iz sigurnosnih razloga.

Izjava organizatora (razlozi i odluka o otkazu turnira):

Statement of cancellation of the tournament. To whom it my concern.

We have observed carefully the released and latest information of the Adria Tennis Tour in the last couple of days which has been since in the news and media all over the world.

As the final tournament day in Zadar has been cancelled due to the infected player with COVID-19 we needed to observe and evaluate the situation day by day.

After 48 hours the press has released that another player plus 2 team officials have been infected as well.

After 72 hours it has been released that the total number of 8 persons have been tested positive of COVID-19.

As the Tennis event was held within the same sports complex we could not guarantee that 100% no further cases will be detected as many people are still not tested or out of the incubation period of 10 to 20 days.

For this reason we had to take the difficult decision this midday to cancel the event for this year as we can’t guarantee the protection of health for more than 120 participants and visitors of the event.

Our motto has always been: Safety first!

As mentioned before, we are very sorry for any inconvenience which this may have caused and we hope we can welcome all teams eventually in 2021 in Zadar.

Best regards
The Orga Team.